Posted by: kenmaher | May 28, 2012

Bible Study (Series B, Pentecost Sunday)

Click on the link below to download a copy of our congregation’s weekly Bible Study.  Subscribe with the RSS and you’ll never miss a single one. If you would like to ask further questions, get the answers, or seek any clarification, please feel free to post your question or comment below!  We look forward to studying God’s Word with you!

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Download: Bible Study for Sunday May 27, (Pentecost Sunday)

I believe in the Holy Spirit the Lord and giver of life. We regularly confess it, but do we really understand it? How does the Holy Spirit come? What does He do? Pentecost is (in a sense) the Holy Spirit’s day, which helps us to better answer these questions about the Person of the Godhead who is closest to us, but so often hidden from us.


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